Available for sale reserve Available for sale reserve consists of unrealised gains or losses arising from changes in the fair value of non-monetary investments classified as available-for-sale financial assets. Credit loss reserve The Credit Loss Reserve relates to Merchant Finance & Investment Company Limited in accordance with the requirements of...

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The company’s ordinary ‘A’ class shares are listed on the Restricted Board of the South Pacific Stock Exchange. The i Taukei Affairs Board and the i Taukei Trust Fund (formerly Fijian Trust Fund) each hold 10 million of the company’s “B” class ordinary shares of $1 each. All ordinary shares...

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Investment & Strategy Sub-Commitee Report

The Investment and Strategy committee is responsible for assisting the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibility for the investment and strategic goals of the Company. It is also responsible for formulating the overall investment policies, and establishing investment guidelines in furtherance of those policies. The Committee monitors the management of...

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(a). The bank overdraft and stand by facilities of the subsidiary companies with ANZ Bank is secured by registered equitable mortgages over all the assets and undertakings of the companies, including uncalled and unpaid capital of the respective companies. The bank overdraft (together with the letter of credit and guarantee...

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FHL News Letter – March 2021

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