January 2020
• FHL Chairman Mr. Adrian Sofield resigned from his position. He was elected in October 2016 as a Director representing the B Class Shareholders.
• FHL Board Member, Mr. Sanjit Patel resigned from his position. He was elected in October 2016 as a Director.
• FHL Board Member, Mr. Ratu Aisea Waka Vosailagi resigned from his position. He was elected in July 2015 as a Director.
• Fiji TV announced that Mr. Nouzab Fareed has resigned from the Fiji TV Board of directors upon tendering his resignation to Fijian Holdings Limited.
• FHL announced the appointment of Mr. Yogesh Karan as the Acting Chairman in the interim until a substantive appointment is made.
• RBG announced the resignation of Mr. Nouzab Fareed and the Chairman Mr. Aisea Vosailagi from the Board of Directors of the company. Mr. Fareed was appointed in March 2011 and Mr. Vosailagi in March 2019.
• Fiji TV announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Fiji’s Coral Coast Sevens organizing committee to broadcast the 2020 Coral Coast Sevens on its free to air channel.
• RBG announced the appointment of Mr. Yogesh Karan and Mr. Abilash Ram to the board of the company. Mr. Karan was also appointed as Chairman of the board of directors.
• RBG declared an interim dividend of 1.4 percent per share, to be paid on 20th of February,2020. Total issued ordinary shares have increased to 150,000 after the 1 to 5 share split in November,2019.
• RBG released first interim dividend declaration.
• Fiji TV has also signed an exclusive agreement with Nawaka Rugby Union to broadcast 2020 Nawaka Sevens in its free to air channel.

February 2020
• FHL Group recorded growths a steady of 3% in the Group Net Assets. The Group total operating revenue for the first 6 months of FY20 was at $184.97m compared to $187.92m for the same period last year.
• The holding company recorded a pre-tax net profit of $21.31m for the current year compared to $25.59m in the previous year. The shortfall in performance by 16.74% is largely attributed to the performance of Basic Industries Pte Limited (BIL), Merchant Finance Pte Limited(MFL) and Serendib Investment Pte Limited (SIL).
• As at 31st December, 2019, the Group Assets stands at $672.47m while the Shareholders’ funds have reached $320.04m.
• Fiji TV recorded its unaudited financial results for the six months ending 31st December, 2019 net profit after tax is $859,014 as compared to $692,494 for the same period last year. Total Revenue for six months ending 31st Decemebr,2019 is at $6m, Net Assets increased by 3% in December 2019 compared to the same period last year.
• Fiji TV has announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Fiji Performing Rights Association Limited to broadcast the FPRA Awards 2020 on its free to air channel.

March 2020
• Fiji TV has announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Fiji National Schools Swimming Association to broadcast Fiji National Schools Swimming Championship 2020 on its free to air channel.
• FHL Group announced that it will be introducing its inaugural FHL Road show on the 13th and the 14th of March 2020. The 2-day event will commence from 9.00am to 2.00pm. The event will be hosted at RB CenterPoint Complex 4 miles Nasinu. However, it was later postponed till further notice due to adverse weather condition forecasted for later part of the week.
• Fiji TV announced the appointment of Mr. Abilash Ram as a Director for Fiji TV. Mr. Ram is currently the Acting Group Chief Executive Officer of Fijian Holdings.
• FHL advises that the FHL Group Road Show scheduled for the 13th an 14th of March has been postponed to a later date due to adverse weather conditions.
• Fiji TV announced that the VOCAL BATTLE AUDITIONS scheduled for the 21st March at Nadi Civic Centre has been postponed until further notice, in light of COVID-19 pandemic prevention measures on mass gatherings.
• FHL declared to pay $3.778 million as an interim dividend based on the group performance for the six months ending 31 December 2019. Accordingly, more than 1,500 shareholders of FHL will receive their dividend on 23rd April 2020.
• FHL and its Subsidiaries declared that due to the immediate effect of COVID-19:
• South Sea Cruises will be calling off services during the week ending 27th March,2020 with closure of resorts in Yasawa’s and Mamanuca.
• Basic Industries Limited, Merchant Finance and Pacific Cement Pte Limited are also affected with lockdown of Lautoka City. Lomolomo Quarry supplies raw materials to Standard Concrete in Nadi and these transfers is affected as they fall within the lockdown zone.
• However, FHL advised its shareholders that where practical, business will continue to operate and the Board and Management will continue to monitor the situation closely and make decisions in light of any development on the pandemic.

April 2020
• RBG Chairman Yogesh Karan made a statement that ‘in accordance with the Government’s directives, RBG has ensured that all its stores remain open and are able to provide communities the best services.’ Sales growth across the stores have been strong,
reflecting temporary demand for a range of products as customers have initially resorted to ‘panic-buying’ and later consumed more at home and replenished stocks concurrently.
• Fiji TV has activated its Business Continuity Plan for both operations and staffing at essential capacity. It has also note the immediate effects the COVID-19 has on its operations.
• Reduction in advertising revenue as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions.
• Lockdowns and curfews
• Cancellation and postponement of major sporting and trigger events.
• Fiji TV Board of Directors has not made any decisions on dividends. They will update all shareholders once a decision is made.

May 2020
• FHL is pleased to advise its shareholders on the relaunching of the Ra Marama Newsletter. This will be a quarterly publication highlighting the major activities of the group and showcasing the products and services available. Publication will be available on FHL
website and can be picked up from any of our group companies offices across Fiji.
• FHL released Newsletter April 2020.

FHL News Letter – March 2021

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