The role of the Committee is to advise remuneration and issues relevant to remuneration policies and practices so as to assist the Board to independently ensure that the Company/Group establishes appropriate Human Resources strategies and policies consistent with best practices and business requirements and adopts and complies with remuneration policies that:

  • Establishes and implements a human resource strategy to ensure that appropriately talented and trained people are available to achieve our business strategies;
  • Ensures that proper policies are in place to protect the health and safety of the employees;
  • Attract, retain and motivate high calibre Executives, Management and staff, so as to encourage enhanced performance of the Company;
  • Are consistent with the Human Resources needs of the Company;
  • Motivate management to pursue the long term growth and success of the Company within an appropriate control framework;
  • Demonstrate a clear relationship between executive performance and remuneration; and,
  • Ensures that the Company undertake the appropriate performance management, succession planning and development activities and program.
Name Capacity Status No. of meetings held/entitled No.of meetings attended
Sakiusa Raivoce Chairman Appointed
Isikeli Tuituku Director Appointed

The committee consists of a minimum of two Directors and the Group Chief Executive with the Chairman of the Committee selected by the FHL Sub Committee for Board Nomination & Remuneration. The current members of the committee as appointed by the Board are: Mr Sakiusa Raivoce and Mr. Isikeli Tuituku.

The meeting of the committee are held at least twice per annum and the committee met three times in the year under review. Representatives of management and other employed personnel may be invited to attend meetings, or specific parts of meetings, at the discretion of the Committee.

During the year, the Committee deliberated on the following issues which were further recommended to the main Board for approval:

  • The    FHL    Performance    Review    Policy
  • The staff transfers within the FHL Group
  • The FHL OHS Policy
  • Other related Human Resource issues.
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