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Fijian Holdings Ltd Announces New Investment 07 July, 2010

FHL announces the investment of $3.2m to set up a new company to look after the group logistical services currently handled externally. In making this announcement, Managing Director Mrs Sereana Qoro confirmed that FHL is in the final stages of registering the new company which will be called “FHL Logistics Ltd”.
The new subsidiary company will handle customs and shipping agency, transport and cartage services, for the FHL group.

Mrs Qoro added, “These customs, shipping agency and transport services are important to the existing group companies and is an area that FHL has decided to invest in given its significance and expected returns. FHL is confident that the new subsidiary company will provide reasonable contribution towards the profitability and overall performance of Fijian Holdings Ltd.”

“FHL Logistics is expected to commence its business operations from August 2010”, Mrs Qoro said.


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