ASSETS HELD FOR SALE Assets classified as held for sale consist of: the assets and liabilities of Media Niugini Ltd. a parcel of land held by Merchant Finance & Investment Company Limited. The Reserve Bank of Fiji has provided Merchant Finance & Investment Company Limited until 13 November 2015 to...

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(c). The depreciation and amortisation policy is set out in Note 2.9. (d). The island property in Nanuya Lailai Island – Yasawa, was revalued by the Directors of Blue Lagoon Cruises Limited based on  an independent valuation by Pacific Valuations Limited dated 24 June 2013. The valuation was made on...

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Discontinued Operations

In December 2013, the Group ceased operations of its wholly owned subsidiary, FHL Logistics Limited. The subsidiary was classified as a discontinued operation from the 2014 financial year and this continued into the 2015 financial year. On 5th February 2015, Fiji Television Limited announced that it had signed a sale...

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