The Investment and Strategy committee is responsible for assisting the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibility for the investment and strategic goals of the Company. It is also responsible for formulating the overall investment policies, and establishing investment guidelines in furtherance of those policies. The Committee monitors the management of the portfolio for compliance with the investment policies and guidelines and for meeting performance objectives over time.

The members of the Investment and Strategy Committee are appointed by the Board of Directors from amongst the Directors of the Company and consist of three board members of which all are newly-appointed committee members and are Non-Executive Directors. In addition to these members, Group CEO and members of Senior Management Team attend the committee meetings.

Meeting of the Investment and Strategy Committee are held at such times when the Committee meets at least once a year.  In the year under review, the committee met twice.

During the year, the committee approved 2 new investments by the Group. A number of investments were declined as they were outside the company’s investment parameters. Few investment opportunities are still being monitored.

As part of fulfilling their duties, the Investment and Strategy Committee received reports and held discussions with Management on the proposed and current investments. The Committee has also reviewed proposals parallel to its investment policy guidelines and strategic framework. These included:

  • Current investment projects
  • Long term investment projects
  • Declined projects
  • Proposed acquisitions
  • Discussion on the strategic way forward for the Group in terms of acquisitions, divestment and mergers.
Name Capacity Status     No. of meetings held/entitled    No.of meetings attended
Mr. Iowane Naiveli Chairman Existing
Isikeli Tuituku Director Appointed
Mr. Viliame Cegemalua Director Appointed
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